Shikada Yo (鹿田 ヨウ) is Kokonotsu's father and the current owner of the Shikada Dagashi Shop.


Yo is a dumb fuck who doesnt go join the shidare company


Hes Fucking gay


yo should understand that his son have a crush on hotaru and push them together, this way kokonotsu and hotaru can be together, along with saya to get kokonotsu a harem.


He had sex with big titty hoe and had a son and named him after a fucking coconut cause he has fucking stage 4 lung cancer


  • He once mentioned that his wife is at her parents' house. It's not clear whether they are in good terms, but considering the situation they are in. It's safe to assume that she left because Yo is irresponsible.
  • He has stage 4 lung cancer
  • He likes penis


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