Saya Endō (遠藤 サヤ) is the one who looks out for and works as a barista in her own family cafe, Cafe Endō. She is also a love interest in Kokonotsu.


Out of all characters, she is the most "normal" among them, her pupils are small, similar to other characters. Her right ear is accessorized with two rook piercings and a standard lobe piercing, while her left ear has two helix ring-earrings and double lobe piercings. She has long golden hair that reaches her back and a particularly flat chest compared to Hotaru.


She was very close to Kokonotsu as a child, like best friends, and with her own brother to the point where she can show a completely different side of her.


Saya is genuinely a kind person who is always willing to help out, but is sometimes shy when put on the spot by Hotaru, she is a bit more like a typical girl when she does talks and socializes with her friends. She tends to blend in with the background and observe her friends and always think about the situations Hotaru drags her and Kokonotsu into.

As some people might know when her older brother Tō does something to her she shows a whole different side to her which is intimidating, (i.e. when Tō flipped up her skirt she punched him so hard, it threw him back several feet)



Saya spent most of her time with Kokonotsu as children, when they used to play indoor games like doctor and was noticeably more assertive with Kokonotsu with her feelings but now is less active when approaching him. She also noticed that Kokonotsu back then was into dagashi more than anything else until the arrival of Hotaru.

Playing DoctorEdit

The reason why she was close to Kokonotsu is when one day at Shikada Dagashi, Saya wanted to play with Kokonotsu and saw that he has a pack of Yogurette with him. He then talks about the dagashi and she commended his knowledge of it until he wanted to use it to play doctor with her. Saya was stunned and even though they don't want to play, she still insisted on doing so.[1]

Saya played as the doctor while he is the patient wanting to check his temperature from her. When she checked his temperature, Kokonotsu noticed her hand was heating up instead of his forehead and she was falling down from the chair because of her nervousness. Kokonotsu then grabs her and both of their faces get closer towards each other and she thanked him.[1]

Bicycle AccidentEdit

She met Hotaru in an accident but she was already questioning about her personality with Hotaru asking her if she's alright. At Saya's home, she let Hotaru have a shower while she is finding clothes for Hotaru until Tō saw Hotaru naked and she asked her if Tō did anything wrong to her. Saya then gave Hotaru a free cup of coffee and asked her why she came to town; although Hotaru gave a vague response, Saya thought that Hotaru was not a bad person at all.[2]

At one point, she and Kokonotsu listened to Hotaru's lecture about Fue Ramune but did not get her message in the end.[3]



Kokonotsu ShikadaEdit

Saya has had a crush on Kokonotsu since they were little. However, due to Kokonotsu's density, he doesn't notice.

Hotaru ShidareEdit

Saya, at first, is unsure of Hotaru, but warms up to her when she learns that Hotaru wants Kokonotsu to inherit Shikada Dagashi, Saya realizes that this means that if Hotaru succeeds, than Kokonotsu won't possibly leave.

Tō Endō Edit

Saya often has to keep Tō in check because of his antics and if he talks about Saya's crush on Kokonotsu.


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